Why wait for them to do it?

Supposedly, according to the official hagiography promoted in certain quarters, Brian Herbert spent the better part of a year on the preparation of a comprehensive concordance of Frank Herbert’s Dune books.

However, no proof of the existence of this concordance has ever been proffered, so far as we know; not even a photograph of the computer used to prepare it (we’re being optimistic and assuming there) or a floppy or hard disk that holds it, or — gods forbid! — a print-out of some pages of it. (If anyone knows of such proof, please point us to it!) No, we are asked, like the devotees of some new fringe cult, to accept the existence of the thing on faith.

Well ... we don’t know about you, but we prefer to believe in what we can see, or take and hold in our hands. And for the present, that leaves only the original books.

There have been noises made from time to time about getting the fabled concordance into shape for publication. After they have finished their other scheduled projects....

So, some of us found ourselves asking the question, “Why wait for them to get around to doing it?” And decided to do it ourselves.

After all, if you want something done and done right, you generally have to do it yourself.

Online and Now

An initial version of the Open Dunes Concordance is now online.

The text citations for each entry are not yet available in this initial offering, but will be coming online gradually as they become ready.

Questions, comments and other feedback are most welcome. We hope that this proves to be of some interest and value to someone.